@benign0, matanong ka nga. I’ve always wanted to ask you how you manage to be so prolific. Sometimes an issue comes up and within hours you have an article out on the topic! What motivates you? I think a lot of people think you are paid because of the volume […]

      It was before Duterte’s Presidency when I saw History Channel’s Lou Ferrante Documentary about Gang Life in Prison, it featured the infamous NBP(New Bilibid Prison), the country’s street gangs, etc., but what caught my attention was the lavish lifestyle of a notorious inmate known as JayBee Sebastian. […]

On the day he died my wife reminded him that he was supposed to come home early from an english class, He said “I know,I know I am off now!” , His voice stayed in my head ever since. When Yuhei did not come home after usual time we contacted the school […]