“Our natural ingenuity got stuck with the jeepney! We are mired in the ‘God will provide’ mentality. Five hundred years of praying has not given us a Thomas Edison, a Steve Jobs or even a Lee Kuan Yew…” (Full Inquirer.net article) benign0Webmaster of Get Real Philippines getrealpundit.com


I’m sure we can all agree on this? We’ve been shown more images of the guests at this pathetic event, than the actual couple themselves. Which begs the question: “Who or what on earth was this obvious publicity stunt of a wedding, truly for?” I mean really now? Look at […]

If this was nothing more than a simple wedding between a blogger and a nobody, why then are Trillañes, Alajeño, Bam Aquino, FVP Robredo, and Maria Ressa of all people, in attendance? If I’ve missed anyone, please point them out. #NoToTeamPilipinas BabyBinky

Hello everyone! I just discovered the Get Real Philippines site this week and I find myself reading most of the articles. A lot of issues discussed really resonate with me as a Filipino. It was as if I was reading all my thoughts and feelings about our culture I couldn’t […]

Here’s what people mean when they say Big Brother is fake. In the real world, interesting stuff doesn’t happen all the time. For the most part, people are very boring. Which does not go well with the concept of Big Brother because they are trying to get people to watch […]

Once again, Kris has exposed her arrogance (and idiocy) for all the world to see, and now hear. If Nicko Falcis so much as dies from tripping off a sidewalk. She has now made herself “suspect #1” due to her childish death threat against the man. Who on Earth does […]