This is how Taiwan do honest and TRANSPARENT elections… This is how votes across Taiwan are counted — anyone can come in and watch every single vote being counted. — designed to avoid any suspicion of electoral fraud #TaiwanElection #Taiwan2020 — James Chater 陳傑銘 (@james_chater) January 11, 2020 It’s […]

“It’s time”. Jerich looked across the room at Tonyo who was digging into a cup of instant noodles. Tonyo looked up, slurped in a noodle dangling from his lip then stood up and grabbed his helmet. Jerich was already wearing his. “No,” Tonyo said. “Not this one. We’re too hot […]

When you google all the “rules of being a mistress” and read enough of the search results, you think you’re a well equipped expert to serve the role. What you don’t foresee is how disagreeable the Right Brain can be towards all your efforts to intellectualize your little adventure. You […]