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    VP Leni Robredo: Alarmed about World Rugby Tournament

    VP Leni Robredo on Friday said that the 2019 World Rugby tournament which is being held in Japan is very alarming and that the international...

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    I saw a Samurai Cry

    The annoying sound of the 蝉 (semi – cicada) was all I heard while waiting for my colleagues at work, I’m at fault for arriving...

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    Drop in surveys, VP Leni Robredo blames imperfect photos

    Our beautiful and photogenic VP Leni Robredo’s net satisfaction rating has collapsed from +42 rating in March 2019 to +28 of last month June 2019...

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    Japan-Korea Row: Some things we should know

    It has been weeks since news about Korea-Japan trade war emerged, this surprised me and a lot of my colleagues at work. A headline from...

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    Pacman won the fight, and then what?

    Looks like our people’s champ still got those power punches after all or maybe Thurman wasn’t really that smart, unlike Floyd who adopted the hit-and-run...

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    Keith Thurman Punches Pinoy Pride

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the standard-bearer of the Pinoy Pride is about to earn millions again and stop time in our Banana Republic!    Wait!...

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