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    In memory of the #SAF44, we should call for #JusticeForSAF44 NOW NA!

    There is no cause to celebrate. Bangsamoro autonomy was won by the people who massacred 44 SAF officers 4 years ago! We should be commemorating...

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    Mark the date: January 25 – find a time for a minute of silence to remember the #SAF44

    A minute of silence is the least we could do on January 25 to remember what happened 4 years ago on that day in Mamasapano.

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    Nagtatanong lang… Why are BBM’s supporters nice to look at compared to the Yellowtards?

    Compare and contrast… Nakapagtataka… 🤔

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    I’ve come to conclude that @PinoyAkoBlog’s FACE is an issue…

    Reality bites. We keep pretending (and the Yellowtards keep being defensive about it) that Jover Laurio’s face should not be made a topic by her...

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    “Friends” of @PinoyAkoBlog have FORESAKEN Jover Laurio lol! @SpammyHammy4 @MiaMagdalena @JegoRagragio @alt_BBM @gideonpena @Legally_K @MayDPoresBeWidU @asecmargauxuson

    Poor Jover Laurio. She is discovering now that her “friends” are all fair-weathered. Ha ha! More importantly, it’s now obvious that all they really have...

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    Jover the blogre of @PinoyAkoBlog is on the run and no one is defending her! Ha ha! #PABoost

    Ang tagal mag-respond to #PABoost gate and when she finally did, ang lame! All of the support she is getting are from small-time trolls. Walang...

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