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    Hard to sympathize with Jim Paredes thanks to his Yellowtard apologists!

    Jim “LukatMe” Paredes, karma caught up with you. The curtain has finally fallen on you and your holier than thou act. Instead of leaving a...

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    “Rape exists because of rapists” according to Leni “Stupid” Robredo

    Vice President Leni Robredo says the darnedest things. She’s outdone herself in her latest ululation. “Rape exists because of rapists,” says Leni. Wow, you don’t...

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    In memory of the #SAF44, we should call for #JusticeForSAF44 NOW NA!

    There is no cause to celebrate. Bangsamoro autonomy was won by the people who massacred 44 SAF officers 4 years ago! We should be commemorating...

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    Mark the date: January 25 – find a time for a minute of silence to remember the #SAF44

    A minute of silence is the least we could do on January 25 to remember what happened 4 years ago on that day in Mamasapano.

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    Nagtatanong lang… Why are BBM’s supporters nice to look at compared to the Yellowtards?

    Compare and contrast… Nakapagtataka… 🤔

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    I’ve come to conclude that @PinoyAkoBlog’s FACE is an issue…

    Reality bites. We keep pretending (and the Yellowtards keep being defensive about it) that Jover Laurio’s face should not be made a topic by her...

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