Filipino Stupidity Never Ceases To Amaze The World

Rather than venture down some long-winded path, harping on such an amazing level of stupidity. I have decided to simply show you a list of what I know to be some of the best examples of stupidity ever perpetrated by a people. Upon themselves. And the world. And this list is nearly 4 years old now, and still going. That alone, should give you a clue of what’s going on here?

Unless otherwise specified, I shall not attempt to explain the reasoning behind my choices here. Because if you don’t know where you went wrong. Then you’re either too stupid to begin with. Or your paper-thin ego won’t allow you to accept it altogether.

So here we go folks…

  • EDSA1
  • Treating Cory Aquino as a saint.
  • Actually believing she has been Canonized.
  • Electing Nancy Binay to a Senate seat.
  • Electing Antonio Trillanes to a Senate seat.
  • Electing “Bam” Aquino to a Senate seat.
  • Electing Manny Pacquiao to Congress.
  • Electing BS Aquino because he was the son of Cory
  • Not understanding what’s wrong with the aforementioned political figures.
  • Loving and treating Kris Aquino as your own sister. And not knowing why.
  • Your so-called leaders treating the Presidents SONA (State of the Nation Address) as if it’s the Academy Awards, or the Golden Globes.
  • You idiots watching it as if it actually was the Academy Awards, or the Golden Globes.
  • Blaming Ferdinand Marcos for all that’s wrong in your lives, 3 decades after his death.
  • Not voting for Senator Marcos, because of who his father was.
  • Defending the belief that all Filipino’s are victims.
  • Claiming President BS Aquino was the nations best-ever President.
  • Allowing a Yellow Personality Cult to rule the country.
  • Believing the economy has improved.
  • Accepting ComElec’s answer to the 2013 mid-term 60-30-10 results favoring Aquino’s candidates as “coincidental”.
  • Not accepting the fact that you’re a 3rd world country.
  • College level students were unaware that their Revolutionary hero and 1st Prime Minister, Apolinario Mabini, had been stricken with Polio. Which further discredits the nations educational system.
  • Any Filipino who blindly follows the Manalo Cult, known as INC (Iglesia Ni Cristo).
  • Listening (and believing) the annual Aquino (SONA) State of The Nation address.
  • Believing the MyPhone is a Philippine-made product.
  • Insisting on renaming Typhoons from their Internationally recognized names, to some goofy Filipino name. Only to revert back to the original naming scheme, once it’s left your area of responsibility.
  • Electing public officials, simply because they are cute. Or you just like their name.
  • Believing the AFP (Army of The Philippines) can defend the country.
  • It’s more fun in the Philippines.
  • Voting for Grace Poe because her father was Fernando Poe Jr.
  • Pinoy pride and trying to prove you’re all better than everyone.
  • Allowing Beauty Pageants to rule your very existence.
  • Your Air Force bragging about how they refurbished a C-130, all by themselves. Although it took nearly 10 years to do so.
  • Your Navy actually has more Admirals, than it does boats.
  • Filipino driving tactics. Again, insisting you’re better at it.
  • No organized direction when walking down the street. Or in the Mall.
  • Doesn’t understand the term, “Right side of the road.”
  • Labeling Squatters as Informal Settlers.
  • Inability to stand in line or maintain any mental or physical semblance of organization.
  • Constantly getting drunk and actually taking the time to look for a fight.
  • Homicide is the cure-all answer to everything.
  • Rape seems to be a past-time.
  • The Judicial system labels almost everything as malicious mischief.
  • Believing former (thank Christ) President Aquino deserved a 2nd term.
  • Actually believing the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) will finally bring peace to war torn Mindanao.
  • Treating your celebrities as if they were family members. And not understanding that it’s an unhealthy fetish.
  • Comedian — and Senator wannabe —Ai Ai Delas Alas, at age 50 has announced she is banging some 20 year college student. And you idiots think it cute.
  • The ability to read a simple Facebook comment, combined with the inability to understand a single word. Only to start an argument that had absolutely nothing to do with the article to begin with.
  • Assuming by virtue of either being in, or having graduated college, this makes you more worldly than others. If you’re not sure of this. Refer to the statement directly above this one.
  • The Dept of Education was actually considering adding two forms of “gutter” or street slang, Jejemon and Beki, to the language curriculum. Meanwhile, they have allowed English (a globally recognized language mind you) to take a back seat. and fade away.
  • The pointless noontime show Aldub got 25+ million “tweets” for an episode. And nearly every major news media outlet had made it their lead story over the nations more pressing issues, such as poverty and crime.
  • “Bullet carriers came from shooting ranges.” That’s how former Dept. of Interior Secretary and then presidential hopeful, Manuel A. Roxas 2nd tried to explain away the raging “tanim-bala, bullet drop” controversy in an interview with reporters in Cauayan City, Isabela. He cited statistics from the transport and communications department showing many of those caught with bullets at the airport came from firing ranges and forgot to dispose of their rounds before going to the airport.
  • Presidential hopeful Mar Roxas stated, He sees the OFW (overseas Foreign Worker) vote as irrelevant, as he lashed out at Migrante’ for saying the he would not receive any OFW votes in the 2016 elections.
  • Liz Uy filing an P11 million online Libel case against Fashion Pulis blogger Michael Sy Lim. Simply because he voiced his negative opinion of an outfit she had Maine Mendoza wear to a recent event. If she actually wins this case. The very notion of “freedom of speech” will end up at the bottom of a lake. Talk about being butthurt to the max.
  • Declaring a Beauty Pageant Contestant as “Persona Non Grata” simply because she posted on social media, her bad experiences in Cagayan De Oro.
  • And speaking of pageants. People trying to convince themselves, that Miss Universe 2016, Pia Wurtzbach, is a true Filipina. Although she was born in Stuttgart, Germany, to A German father, and Filipino mother.
  • Feb 25th. 2016: A few thousand or so lemmings decided to join – for a paycheck I’m sure – their pathetic President for the 30th anniversary of the equally pathetic People Power revolution, as he used it as another excuse to remind everyone of how great his parents were. As well as take one last fleeting moment to try and keep the Personality Cult hook lodged well beneath the peoples ribs.
  • The strange belief that after a meaningless 2016 Court of Arbitration ruling in the Hague. You can go to war with China, over a bunch of worthless sandbars, that you never gave two shits about in the first place.
  • Getting all pissed off that America – and some other countries – didn’t attack China, or at the least, come running to your defense when things heated up. Maybe you idiots should have thought of all this, before you kicked America out of Clark and Subic, back in 1992. But then again… Foresight has never been one of your better traits.
  • Still buying into the Yellow Dye #5 and their bullshit, as if it’s always been God’s Gospel truth.
  • Believing a Federalized Parliament will spell “Doom” for the Philippines, when global evidence, to the contrary, has already proven – for centuries mind you – otherwise.
  • Buying the Yellow Cult’s horseshit that current president, Rodrigo Duterte is some sort of Dictator, Strongman or otherwise. The fact that he holds the highest approval rating – at over 85% – of almost any political figure in global history, disproves that shit 10 times over.
  • With all the problems in today’s world, the people of the Philippines have waste 5 days – and counting – on President Duterte having given a kiss – which lasted less than 1 second mind you – to a Filipina worker during his recent visit to Korea.
  • The opposition making it appear as though said kiss will affect world peace. In fact, they’ve gone to such lengths, they claim the woman in question was a victim. And continue to do so, even though she herself, has publicly admitted she never felt herself to be a victim in any way, and the entire incident was all in good fun.
  • Kris Aquino bitching over Assistant Communications Secretary, Mocha Uson’s use of her father – dead man Ninoy – caught giving someone a kiss. And while Mocha herself has apologized, as well as admitted to making a simple comparison involving “men of power” and such. Kris refuses to let go, as it is tarnishing her fathers memory. I’m sorry? How does this tarnish the memory of a Communist sympathizer, who brought nothing but ruination to his people?

I would love to continue. But sadly, at this point, it’s all I can come up with. As time goes on, or I wake in the middle of the night with something new, I shall add to this list. And the rate this place has been going. I might be able to add something new, on a daily basis.

Keep in mind, those of you Filipino’s who may be reading this. The above is not just my opinion. It’s the same with a number of different nationalities who have either visited your country. Or encountered you abroad. Some of us even see moving to the Philippines as a source of great amusement. From watching the evening news. To seeing someone force their way IN through the OUT door. The stupidity of the Filipino never ceases to amaze.

Some have pointed out this appears to be a “rant” of some sort. It isn’t. It’s simply an ever-growing list. And there is neither a point to be made. Or a solution. And a vote of thanks to those commentators who made me realize a change had to be made regarding the possibility the entire world shared a similar opinion as myself.

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  1. i see your point but a lot of those things can be applied to many countries and cultures not just the philippines. each country has a lot of stupid things it believes or holds onto. any group with people as its members will produce something stupid, we are humans after all. emotional, irrational, scared, crazy, and brilliant in those oh so rare instances. everyone of us.

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