Philippines, #2018inReview… Did I miss anything or anyone?

Maria Ressa, Assault on Press Freedom, Miss Universe, Upsilon Sigma Phi, South China Sea, Inflation, Imelda Marcos, Sister Patricia Fox, Martial Law, Boracay, Antonio Trillanes, Human Rights, Gretchen Fullido, Juan Ponce Enrile…


2 Replies to “Philippines, #2018inReview… Did I miss anything or anyone?”

    1. Yeah, making themselves the messages rather than remain content with and duty-bound to the role they had originally been trusted to be — an objective messenger. And now they wail about being sidelined by that manufactured bogeyman of theirs that they call “Fake News”. There is no fake news — only competing stories in a free market of ideas that all people should participate in responsibly.

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