2 Replies to “What happens next after Duterte?”

  1. We’ve grown accustomed to thinking of Pinoy politics as Yellows vs all the rest. But it looks like the Yellowtards are finished. So this question is actually a good one. If Duterte can’t endorse a successor to continue his work, the alternative certainly won’t be another Yellowtard government.

    Don’t know if that’s good or bad though…

    1. Bong Go, Sarah, BBM, GMA the four people who could succeed PRRD, but let’s get real here start with Bong Go he is probably his most trusted friend probably more than his own kin but would his supporters show the same loyalty? PRRD earned my respect when I noticed his political genius and will, his sincerity to straighten out the Filipinos if Mr. Go can do this maybe he could get their loyalty.

      Sarah her own daughter, let’s face it his enemies can simply use the political dynasty card plus the fact that the people are kind of allergic to political dynasties (thanks to the aquino-marcos rivalry) and how the people refuses to see the benefit of it this could be a challenge, again on the other hand let’s say if something happens (I hope not) to PRRD it could be an easy win (I think you know how).

      BBM he will be hounded by the ML crybabies, yellows will do anything to stop it, heck muricans might even intervene again so it will be an uphill battle. I’d really like him to be though, for one selfish reason and that is so he could redeem his families name.

      GMA, if CHACHA pushes through she might become PM so the stronger the move for CHACHA arises the more realistic her presidency can become

      just my thoughts about it though, what about you guys? yes you! the one reading 😛

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