Witcher in Netflix

Yes! You’ve heard it right to all fans of the Witcherverse! Whitewolf, Gwynnbleyd, The Butcher of Blaviken, our sword wielding sorceress “loving”, monster slaying heroine will be hitting the tube next year under Netflix. Created by Sir Andrzej Sapkowski during the early 90’s having published 7 other novels his work has been adopted into games and now live-action series thanks to Netflix!


If you are after medieval fantasy similar to tolkien without the bromance of frodo and sam with a little bit of gore and violence and yes ofcourse with a wee bit of action whenever you encounter damsels in distress may they be royalty of elvish kind, this is what you have been looking for!

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    1. If Netflix could capture the horror element of the games, his complicated love-life, his father daughter drama with Ciri and the crazy politics in this universe I am pretty sure it would be a hit, It would attract a lot of fans from other fandoms like GoT, Tolkien, Elder Scrolls, Warcraft etc. since it offers similarities such as:

      1. it has the power struggle of GoT with a pinch of erotic moments ofcourse
      2. Elves and Dwarves but unlike tolkien they get tortured and murdered,
      3.It has magic and sorcery like Harry Potter but a this time realistic like middle ages real where they actually get burned at the stake
      4. I ran out of ideas lol.

      Check it out 😛

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