“Trinoma” trending because of viral suicide video — Like WTF?!

Well, it’s trending because a whole bunch of do-gooders are now telling people to stop watching and spreading the video. Thing is, they too are contributing to the trend and the perverse curiosity that comes with it?

Social media is really truly fucked.

Really, some people didn’t see the irony in this circus. Lots of young people are depressed nowadays because of the very thing Trinoma represents — runaway consumerism. All the images that the influencers who feed this social cancer makes a lot of people believe they are not good enough, not cool enough , or, worse, not woke enough. So that breeds a whole thing about being pa-cool, pa-woke, and pa-good. Guess what, all we get out of all that effort is PAGOD.

Kids are so tired of keeping up that some of them just end it all. My advise is to get off the bus, take a walk, and be yourself.

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