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  1. Here’s my personal opinion

    i see it this way, remember our chess prodigy? He left us for the US right? He chose to fight for the US. The Philippines wasnt good for him.

    Bruce Lee wasnt happy with Hollywood when he started out. Some of his film and TV ideas were allegedly stolen. We’ve all heard about hollywood movie produces etc being sued etc for stealing ideas. Bruce Lee then went to Hong Kong and got his break there. Who helped him become successful? Golden Harvest. Hollywood took notice, ONLY after Lee was successful.

    In the same manner, did Australia provide a favorable environment for Catriona and her *career*? We’ll never know, but she chose to leave for the Philippines and chose to represent the Philippines. So the Philippines deserves recognition, and not Australia. The Australian media only took notice of her when she won Miss U. For all we know baka nag pilipinas yan kasi hindi sya pinapansin locally, the same way we don’t give due attention and respect to local talent until they become famous in the USA

    Our chess prodigy have been winning chess competitions. The recognition goes to the USA. In the same manner, Catriona chose to represent the Philippines, so the recognition should go to the Phils

    honestly, kung lumaki ka sa Australia, pero yung mga tao at companya na nagpaganda ng career mo ay nasa Pilipinas, sino pasasalamatan mo? Di ba? Thank you for bringing me up kamo, pero iba tumulong sa career ko

    1. Kung baga… Even if Australian society didn’t “support her career”, the fact is, she is a product of the environment it provides its citizens.

      More importantly, Catriona may be a beauty queen, but the difference between her and the average Aussie woman is not a stark as the difference between her and the average Filipino woman.

      Pakatotoo tayo. Like basketball, we rely on imports to make our mark and not on what we cook in our own ovens. ?

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