7 Replies to “Just saw #MissKoreaJisooDay trending. Is it just me or do all Korean chicks look all the same??”

  1. To me, even the names seem cloned, I find them hard to distinguish. Kim-Yun-Byue, Kim-Hyu-sung, Kim-La-Hat, and so on. Japanese is indeed easier to make out, with names like Yukio, Hanagase, Kaguro, Nakakasawanato and such. Well, maybe because I watch a lot of tokusatsu like Kamen Rider. I haven’t watched any tokusatsu equivalent from South Korea (I don’t expect North Korea to have ’em, lol).

      1. I found this…

        “According to the legend, Park Hyeokgeose was the founder of this Korean surname. He was said to be hatched from an egg and when the egg shell cracked, there were rays of light that came from it. Since the Korean verb for “to shine” or “to be bright” is spelled B-A-R-G in hangeul characters, his last name became Bak. When he turned thirteen, he became the founding king of the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla in 57 BCE.”

  2. lol! I knew Fukimo Mekuto a long time ago, didn’t get the chance to date her though lol. I’d like to share that I’ve only met Koreans with the last name Park and as far as I can remember I’ve met 7 🙂

    I enjoyed watching Kamen Rider Black and Kuuga because of it’s “darker” themes as compared to the latest ones :

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