The historical significance of President Duterte

It doesn’t matter whether you like Duterte or hate him, he will go on as one of the most significant presidents of our time. And it will not be because of his policies nor because of his apparent mishaps, those will be forgotten as generations come and go. I have yet to meet the average Juan De la Cruz who knew what Manuel Quezon’s actual achievements were besides being our second president nor the alleged involvement of Diosdado Macapagal in the Stonehill scandal. What will make him significant was that he was able to elicit important narratives in our country that would have remained hidden if history chose another path for him to take. Why we should embrace this is that its only when we open Pandora’s box and let all the terrible things come out that we can find there is still hope underneath. Hope that now our people with clearer eyes can see our country for what it really is, and come to the realization that they can still do something about it. This is why he will be significant, because its not so much Duterte’s legacy we are building as it is ours…

Thomas Chiong Sy III

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