Why am I fixated on people who don’t care about me?

It doesn’t make sense. I’m surrounded by great people. Supportive friends and family, colleagues who I admire and respect, and a dog who literally worships me at my feet. And yet I am crazy about a man who treats me like shit.

A wise man once said: ditch thee who treats you like shit. Makes sense, right? Being so, that’s something my Left Brain would drumbeat about, of course. But Ms Right Brain has other plans — gaslighting me into believing that Mr Big is worth the continued investment in angst.

Ms Right Brain doesn’t make sense. This is a guy who clearly only acknowledges my existence in between “more important things”. That right. I don’t rank high up in his list of priorities. How to make Ms Left Brain prevail. Sense doesn’t trump sentiment in the battle of wills. Such is life and this mammalian mind of mine.

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