Mass Testing doesn’t mean no lockdowns


Ah, I see now. People who call for mass testing assume that if we know who are the Covid infected, there would be no need for quarantine or lockdowns. I don’t think so.

Lockdowns and quarantine are not really dependent on testing, but on what experts decide is the best way to prevent the spread of a disease when they find it. And even UP experts say quarantine works. It’ll stay.

If the number of infected exceed the quarantine facilities’ capacity? I doubt you can tell a family of a Covid patient to separate from their relative and live elsewhere. It’s not that easy to move. And if that happened, there would be too much moving around for a time that it can increase the risk of transmission. While the Covid member stays with the family, even if walled off, while waiting to get to a facility if one is available, there is still the risk of transmission. And, a family member would not want to be separated just like that.

I doubt you can successfully contain all Covid patients in one place. If Covid infected would cry out, why are you keeping us prisoner, then they’d try to escape, or someone would help them, then they’d infect others and the numbers would change… and yes, escapes have happened.

Even non-quarantined people may happen upon the quarantined somehow and a virus spread would happen. To lessen the risk, let everyone be quarantined to really limit movement and prevent transmission. Para sigurado. Really, there’s a reason for quarantine, and it isn’t just power tripping.

But let me know if there are other ways that experts thought up.

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