Teddy Casiño, the oppressed NPA’s champion

I guess I owe Teddy Casiño an apology. He’s right. Just because there were tons of birth control materials found in his Orcish comrades’ hutts up in Mount Doom does not necessarily mean there were women there who engaged in sexual activities without their consent.

Who are we to deprive these terrorist vermin their right to a bit of ‘find the lost banana’ with their amazons, right?

Just looking at Mr Casiños enthusiastic defense of his revolutionary-taxing comrades in Twitter against GRP headmaster benign0 just brings tears to my eyes. Such fire! Passion!

This is the kind of smooth-talker we need to dupe more kids into the mountains and create filthy lucre for top cadres with kids on some insanely expensive private schools.

Never have we seen someone so passionate in living up to the principles of the greatest scumbag of all time called Joma Sison. Smile for the camera, comrades! Life is good, yes?

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