Let’s trend #PABoost! No word yet from @PinoyAkoBlog confirming or denying!

Is Pinoy Ako Blog funded by Kris Aquino? That is now the big question in the minds of the twitterverse after the “leaked” screenshots of chats between Jover Laurio and Nicko Falcis exploded on socmed!

Pinoys want answers and the Yellows are keeping mum about it! Mga manloloko talaga!

You can’t make an issue go away by not facing the music. But those spoiled brats in the dilawan crowds were probably riased so wrong that they think all problems can simply be wished away. Yeah right. Good luck with THAT wish losers! ?

8 Replies to “Let’s trend #PABoost! No word yet from @PinoyAkoBlog confirming or denying!”

    1. Yes it’s a nice try. Jover Laurio is on the run and you Yellowtards are unable to defend her.

      Besides hashtags like these can’t compete with aldub and other showbiz hashtags in the trending lists.

      Point-misser as usual YELLOWTARD ha ha! ?

  1. If Mocha, Sass, and RJ share this in FB it should be enough, only geniuses like Ressa would believe that in a country like the Philippines 97% of the population have access and the knowledge to use the net 🙂

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