“First of all, we must dispense with the twisted idea of ‘media freedom,’ at least in the terms by which it is defined by those who now cry that it is under threat. Freedom of speech or expression is considered a near-sacred right in most democratic societies, including this one. […]

Poor Jover Laurio. She is discovering now that her “friends” are all fair-weathered. Ha ha! More importantly, it’s now obvious that all they really have are just memes. They don’t do the word “hanash” justice with their “kuda”.  Tama ba ang word usage ko mga beshie? 🤣 MirandaFairI ask a […]

@benign0, matanong ka nga. I’ve always wanted to ask you how you manage to be so prolific. Sometimes an issue comes up and within hours you have an article out on the topic! What motivates you? I think a lot of people think you are paid because of the volume […]