June 15, 1991, Mt. Pinatubo eruption one of the terrifying memories of the people of my hometown. Ashfall, darkness, and grief this was some of the vivid memories I had when Mt. Pinatubo erupted food was being rationed, it was dark for days, my grandmother and her sisters kept praying […]

“The law has been deliberately Weaponized against me.” ~ Maria Ressa, Rappler CEO. The above is a perfect example of the arrogant stupidity which plagues this crazy broads mental processes. Now! Correct me if I’m wrong on this one? But isn’t Congress the group which crafts the nations laws? I […]


I’m sure we can all agree on this? We’ve been shown more images of the guests at this pathetic event, than the actual couple themselves. Which begs the question: “Who or what on earth was this obvious publicity stunt of a wedding, truly for?” I mean really now? Look at […]

If this was nothing more than a simple wedding between a blogger and a nobody, why then are Trillañes, Alajeño, Bam Aquino, FVP Robredo, and Maria Ressa of all people, in attendance? If I’ve missed anyone, please point them out. #NoToTeamPilipinas BabyBinky


1. Which authoritarian leader are they referring to? 2. Bogus charges? SEC found her in violation of foreign ownership of a news media group, which must be 100% Filipino owned and managed. And the BIR is going after her for tax evasion and possibly or tax fraud. 3. Little Maria […]