Rappler’s heavily-slanted “report” on Dasmariñas issue


The newest social media circus fodder is the Dasmariñas Village incident that involved an expat who was supposedly been “manhandled” by law enforcement personnel. News broke out via Rappler, who wasted no time presenting the details using the video taken by the expat’s wife, his testimonies, and proceeded with the narrative that did not even bother with subtlety to hide any intent in implying the incident was another example of police brutality and impunity being “encouraged”  by the national government.

That the expat mentioned the shooting incident involving retired soldier Winston Ragos as a sweeping generalization of everything that’s wrong with the way law enforcers are doing their job did not even come as a surprise. One thing noticeable about the article was it mentioned that the barangay captain requested police assistance but no attempt to contact the barangay was mentioned to get any other relevant information prior to the publication of the story

In a Facebook post containing the statement of Barangay Captain Rossana Hwang by attorney Darwin Cañete, she expressed surprise at the recent development of the incident she thought was already ironed out by all the parties involved.

So they thought all is well that ends well. Late last night, we were surprised that he posted his one sided incident in social media and even wrote Rappler. I had a meeting with PSMS Madrona this morning. And he requested the barangay to help clear his name.
Makati has an ordinace requiring face masks in public places. This resident was on the street and sidewalk which belongs to DVA common area, therefore a public place. He was committing a crime in the presence of the officer and could be arrested even if he retreated to his property, barangay was advised.
As with all other Rappler articles, its status is “developing” and subject to updates when new information are readily available.

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