“Sosyal” Graces are likely to become a thing of the past

Remember the days when if you’d refuse to touch someone dirty, you’d be seen as “maarte” (overacting) or “matapobre” (acting like a rich snob)? Or that passed-around story of Imelda Marcos telling her Blue Ladies not to bring soap or sanitizer when meeting poor people? Nowadays, that’s seen as wise.

Thanks to Covid-19, people are cautioned against touch because it is one of the methods pathogens spread. It can’t be seen as “matapobre” anymore. Whether rich or poor, you minimize contact.

We might see widespread cultural change in this respect, as well as a change of our values. “Reach out and touch someone” doesn’t seem like a charitable or good act anymore.

Yes, after these days we won’t see refusal to shake hands or washing hands after a shake as insulting. Nature has given us a shock to our cultures of social interaction. Perhaps the introverts, hermits, recluses and even the misanthropic types have the right idea about living.

It could also mean that being “extrovert” and “I love people so much” is just plain show. And it likely has been throughout human history.

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  1. Never was too comfortable with huge crowds, gatherings and the like prior to the pandemic. I do believe though that people who require recharging from social interactions have it easier than their more extroverted counterparts when it comes to adapting to the quarantine and social distancing. ?

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