I would like to apologize for freeloading in this group, I just realized that owning a word press account isn’t free let alone running this site. Is there anyway I could contribute? or maybe help? I really don’t know how to say this but I think of GRP as a […]


I need another long day-off, I’m itching to write satires and bash some liberal eejits   oh boy goodnight blitzkrieg bopof mixed race, spending time living in both countries gives me a very good perspective on both.

Concerns about the country and environment without any bias or patronage of any person & party. Concern is solely on what is right as acceptable to universal rule that benefits people and environment without any inclination towards fanaticism.  Enjoying honest shared benefits with those entitled without compromise or prejudice based […]

Hello everyone! I just discovered the Get Real Philippines site this week and I find myself reading most of the articles. A lot of issues discussed really resonate with me as a Filipino. It was as if I was reading all my thoughts and feelings about our culture I couldn’t […]