Mr. Benigno

I would like to apologize for freeloading in this group, I just realized that owning a word press account isn’t free let alone running this site. Is there anyway I could contribute? or maybe help? I really don’t know how to say this but I think of GRP as a platform for being critical about Filipino culture and politics and I would like to borrow it from time to time that’s why I post blogs here ( tbh I’m not even sure if that’s okay ) I don’t know how to reach you so I tried here 

Thanks! Peace!

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    1. sure ka ha 🙂 if you drop by here drinks and meals are on me! Also I’d like to raise the issue about the pictures because they get cropped? Would it be possible to increase the quality similar to the picture used as main picture for every posts? Thanks! Peace!

      1. Thanks! ? This site was opened for people like you who have much to express.

        Ok I’ll look into that. It’s sort of a technical limitation of the widget used on the front page.

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