Otso Diretso : The opposition’s Suicide Squad

So the campaign has finally begun! Once again Filipinos are given the chance to elect people who would define the country’s future, I think the result of this election will show not just the Filipinos but the whole world on how genuine the Duterte Effect is, this is also an opportunity for anybody inside or outside the country who is against PRRD to show otherwise. Here is my own personal opinion and observation, some questions to the countries opposition slate:

Bam Aquino

( Since we are both born in the same month let’s start with this fine gentleman. ) 

Another AQUINO politician? how many more Aquino’s do we have to put in the government in order to repay Ninoy Aquino and Cory Aquino’s “heroism”? I mean let’s admit it if you are a direct relative of Ninoy and Cory you have a high chance of getting elected, right? Well, Bam Aquino has this bonus where he strongly resembles Ninoy Aquino I’m not sure if this is a good thing because facts are slowly coming out of the public, facts like Ninoy collaborating with communists. Will it be a good thing to be a look-alike of one of the countries top communist supporters? especially now that the world is fastly moving to a right-wing mindset?   


Why is he using the FREE EDUCATION BILL as one of his major accomplishments as seen in his campaign ads where in fact it wasn’t just him who made this possible? his pal Senator Ralph Recto was the principal author not him. I would also like to ask him what made him shut his mouth when his genius cousin BS Aquino made sure that poor Filipino students who couldn’t afford to finish high-school with the current 10-year program would have another 2 years to study? remember k-12?

Another thing that I’d like to know if he knows the saying “helping without tarnishing dignity?” I know that the Philippines have thousands of citizens who go hungry every day but would you really pass a law making food manufacturers give them their left-overs? let’s use his term “edible food waste”, would you feel proud of feeding people edible food waste from food manufacturers? Why can’t you make them build feeding charities? or give them their finished product? Is it really that hard?

here is a link for the PDF file of his iconic law.

Mar Roxas

One thing the Japanese people are known for is their pride, sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s bad but when you are Mar Roxas it becomes irrelevant. Imagine losing the Presidential Race in 2016 then running for a much lower position? it makes you ask yourself the motive, right? What is he up to? is it the immunity for getting arrested? we all know how much of a blunder his tandem was with BS Aquino from MRT, Yolanda, etc. I think people would really question his sincerity to “serve” if it is genuine or just another baloney What do you think? 

Accountability, remember this word and ask yourself does he have it? I remember him during his interview with Andrew Stevens of CNN during Typhoon Haiyan it speaks so loud that there was no proper chain of command during this catastrophe and he has no clue what the hell was going on, his first statement was “the ENTIRE  force of the government of PNOY is looking after our people here” then proceeded blaming people for not saving water? then finding out that there was no water supply? no bodybags for the cadavers which were requested days ago? Imagine no body bags for the deceased! no wonder the reporter kept seeing the same cadavers lying on the street! experts were clear about the intensity of the typhoon yet they failed miserably in preparing for it.


I could go on but I am sure a lot of you knows what happened there here’s a link to his amazing interview: here


Another interview perfectly described his accountability level and this was during the “tanim-bala” fiasco in NAIA, I’m not sure if the reporters asked the right questions or Mar just didn’t get the question but clearly, the people wanted to know what the hell was the government doing in resolving the problem? a reporter asked him who should be held responsible Mar then answered, obviously irritated by the question:: PAPAANO NAGING PROBLEMA NANG GOBYERNO YUN? ( HOW IS THAT THE GOVERNMENT’S PROBLEM ) try to imagine terrorists bombing places in the country than a government official answering that way? 


here’s the link: here 


His latest actions would really define his character. YES! I am talking about his absence during his bandmates album launching in Caloocan, ladies and gentlemen they are planning to make a revival of the hit Otso-Otso with a special dance number from Atty. Hilbay… just kidding! 


I’m talking about his absence during Otso Diretso’s Caloocan launch because he wanted to follow his tradition, Wow! imagine ditching your entire team just to do your own stuff? 


Now let’s proceed with his good traits, he is very consistent….. consistent during Typhoon Haiyan, Tanim-Bala and until now so vote for him.


Florin Hilbay


Our greatest defender from the Chinese invaders in the West-Philippine sea, the icon of public discourse regardless of having dissenting views in Twitter, the original Asiong Salonga “Hari nang Tondo”.. oh wait we are talking about Florentino Hilbay right?


If you are in a WWE tag team match and your role in the team was to introduce your team-mates who did most of the bone-crushing fights, would you in your decent state of mind brag about it? this fine gentleman would even use it as his accomplishment to gain a senatorial seat.


Well I am not an expert nor a lawyer so I’ll just share you a good link of what I’m talking about: here


One of my favorite things in a democratic country is being able to express your opinion have it challenged, have your questions answered etc. I have reason to doubt Mr. Hilbay can not ensure that we still get to enjoy this privilege once he gets elected, why? because he himself does not practice it he blocks people in his twitter! Almost anyone who has opposing views gets an auto-block I’m not sure if he changed this attitude but I would really want to see him answer questions from the public during his campaign.


Gary Alejano


I did take my time writing about this gentleman, why? this dude is the real deal! a martial arts expert, an excellent marksman, a scuba-diver, close quarter combat and para-trooping expert, fishball vendor, and yes he was there during the 2000 all-out-war campaign on camp Abu Bakr during Erap’s term, he reminds me of Jason Bourne which makes me wonder what are the odds of him being a CIA infiltrator? who knows? I don’t.

He is one of those gentlemen who vandalized hotels in Makati to protest against the corruption in the government… amazing isn’t it?


He is very vocal on condemning the governments inaction in the West Philippine Sea, He said during his interview with Daniel Rason that other 3rd world countries were more hostile towards Chinese vessels yet war didn’t break out, I’m not sure if this guy is asking us to be hostile as well or just itching for a fight I mean he has seen actual battle even barely surviving it which makes me think that he might be craving for war, this makes him extremely dangerous once he gets a seat in the Senate.


I was surprised that he supported the national ID system and the mandatory ROTC both of which that I think a necessity for the country, I give credit where credit’s due so thank for this still I won’t be voting for you because I am a pacifist and your actions clearly shows that you might do something reckless like starting a war.


Chel Diokno


Son of the former Senator Pepe Diokno who was incarcerated during the martial law era, this is the only thing most people like me know about this dude so how can he bring something new to the table?


I watched some of his interviews, his statements, his page and of course his interview with my favorite show GET STRAIGHT and here are some of the things that made me say he is just another politician in the neighborhood.


His defiance against PRRD’s Martial law, he said it himself that it is an emergency power only to be exercised in cases of rebellion and invasion so what does he think of the 50+-year-old Marxist-Maoist-Leninist rebellion of the CPP-NPA-NDF? a bunch of clowns? let’s include the foreign fighters who have entered the country and laid waste to the beautiful city of Marawi?


Next was his stand on political dynasties, I think he failed to consider the other side of the coin, I am talking about what if the public servant really provides an excellent job? why not make sure he retains his seat? do performance and results really have to always be below Democracy?  


So what does he really have to offer? What’s new or unique with Dean Diokno? I cannot find it in his agenda, his platform if you could call it, Yes he is a lawyer but haven’t we had enough of them in the Senate already? I think lawyers should be out there defending the poor as what he said but he thinks otherwise and I don’t know why.


Erin Tanada 


One of the three original Liberal Party members in the opposition slate and the first boyfriend of Sen. Hontiveros son of another figure during the martial law era haven’t we had enough already? 


He was supposed to be included in Team Pnoys senatorial slate in 2012 but they had a bit of misunderstanding about the FOI bill which he firmly stood for, he “attacked” Malacanang for not supporting the bill resulting to his demise of not being endorsed by the genius BS Aquino again I give credit where credit is due I believe FOI is one of the tools which could get rid of corruption and him fighting for it was good but not good enough because bureaucracy got in his way he should have defied his boss PNOY and followed his ancestors for being independent but he got practical, this says a lot about your character.


I wasn’t sure if he was joking when he said that the military might get relaxed when the government has become used to declaring martial law? I guess he wasn’t, I just hope that he could somehow put his shoes in our soldiers’ who needs to face the ongoing threat of the red insurgents, milf, MNLF, Abu-Sayyaf, biff etc. everyday of their lives because you know, you don’t get to relax when you are a target, right?


Romy Macalintal 

My observations are all from Daniel Razon’s show Get it straight here is the link

“Maka-Romy ang kailangan kapag gutom na sa pagbabago” I understand that Atty. Macalintal is a senior citizen but would it really take a lot of effort for someone to tell him that people who use such cliche are so yesterday? It’s almost 2020 can he not come up with something millennials can find interesting? 


One thing that a public servant must possess is having excellent managerial skills but Atty. Romy thinks otherwise.


and regardless he is still very qualified to hold a seat in our Senate? he was offered multiple positions in the government but he refused them because he has no management skills, so can someone please tell me why should I vote for this gentleman?


Let us use this site as a reference to what Management skills are, there are six: Planning, Communication, Decision-making, Delegation, Problem-solving, and Motivating. Imagine someone holding a government office without these traits? Imagine a senator… Awesome isn’t it?


He wants to bring back the trust in our electoral process, does it mean he wants to get Andy Bautista? would he help in finding his whereabouts? I was shocked finding out that it takes 2 years for one municipality just to resolve an electoral protest! How can you bring back the trust then when you cannot bring justice to anyone who has a protest? remember the saying justice delayed is justice denied?


“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” 


― Etienne de Grellet


“Tatanda at lilipas din ako, ngunit may mga batas akong gagawin para sa inyo doon sa senado”


 – Romy Macalintal


can you smell the resemblance?


Samira Gutoc


From zero to Samira Gutoc what is your resting bitch face level?.


The only thorn in the bouquet of flowers, the oppositions Amor Powers, She resigned after PRRD’s rape-joke, and probably the first Muslim in the Senate if she wins. 


I tried looking for articles about her but again I think the best way to find more about her is Mr. Razon’s show Get It Straight it really is an awesome source here is the link. 


One thing I noticed about her is that she laughs a lot, I mean LAUGHS a lot boisterously for a Muslim woman, maybe I judge her too much but it’s my first time to see one, let alone singing even if not asked too. Maybe she should’ve entered showbiz instead of public service I think she can do better than Kris Aquino check out her interview you will find out what I’m talking about.


Another source was the debate where I think she was really emotional and lacks the ability to control herself, which I think is very important during debates which will be plenty if ever she gets a Senate seat.

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