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I read a blog from a former acquaintance who opined about the current crisis gripping the world and the bleak scenario that awaits everyone in the future. About how everything these days is “a fucking nightmare” as he put it, and how hard it is to maintain composure when everything seems to be going straight to hell.

He does have a point even if it was presented in a melodramatic fashion. And from the looks of things the current situation does not look very promising as well; in light of the recent quarantine extension and chaos in the streets highlighted by a shooting incident that further divided people apart already high-strung from being cooped up too long inside their houses.

But for some reason I have a slightly more optimistic appraisal of the situation than he does. Even if the prospect of a vaccine with no estimated timeline for completion and assurance of long term protection is available, or the looming and bigger threat of an economic crisis that’s just waiting to bring the world to its knees. Definitely bleak and terrifying if you’re a rational person. Especially if you’re the type who constantly obsesses about the future and cannot think properly without forecasting one worst case scenario after another. That’s hell.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog entry I believe our location, weather, and constant exposure to dirt and filth in our major cities made the majority of our population naturally equipped to deal with new pathogens that come traipsing in through our doors. And the general observation (although still not conclusive) that people who received BCG shots may have higher chances of combating the infection.

These are all just conjectures on my part. I have no medical background so I’m just basing all of these from news and information issued by major medical agencies and the media. But looking at these developments does give a sense of assurance that perhaps we’re on our way to hurdle the first obstacle that is COVID 19.

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