Bad lawyering

For some insane reason, counsels of convicted felon Maria Ressa opted to gamble on winning by technicalities instead of meeting the issues put forward by complainant Keng head on.

Did they expect that the trial court will lay out jurisprudence to get them off or were they banking that the appellate process will? Because it is near impossible to dismiss a conviction outside of grave abuse of discretion. If they wanted to dispute the legal basis of the case, they should have raised that as a question of law before the Supreme Court.

If the SC laughs at your technicality defense, what is the fallback? Ressa did not testify. Tago sa United States? Eto minsan problema ko sa ibang defense counsels. Buhay ng kliyente ninyo, gagamitin niyong academic exercise.

Eh buti kung kasama kayong makukulong. Kung pinayuhan niyo na lang ng retraction iyan at apology? Kinausap niyo yung complainant?

[As posted by Darwin Cañete on Facebook]

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