Pathetic state of Philippine opposition reflected on inconsequential “dissenters”

The usual clucking of hens are louder these days.

One, because of certain “heroic” types equating garden-variety whining to legitimate dissent who are still engaged in protracted efforts to lend a semblance of legitimacy to that moronic call for mass testing without any vaccine or cure to address any results.

And two, the shrill Martial Law crybabies wailing about the Anti-Terror Bill who, for the most part, are totally negligible and inconsequential magpies yapping away their version of dissent in their own social media circles to even be considered as threats in need of “silencing”.

The way these OA yellowtards and commie sympathizers go about things you’d think every person in authority was a member of that cowardly DDS Confessions shaming site. That Gestapo tactic is more in line with the entitled oppostion’s way of thinking than any personality in the administration.

Both issues have valid sources of information that only takes a few clicks and a reading attention span beyond 1st Grade levels and all the answers to the questions these “dissenters” have   been typing or meme-ing away would be answered.

COVID Updates here:

Anti-Terror Bill here:

Instead of reading through readily available materials and posting legitimate rebuttals on specific entries and points contained in those repositories, the majority of what you see online are memes and useless ad hominem posts.

But leave it to typical Pinoy grandstanding to justify petty dislike into something lofty and assume others cannot see through the bullshit.

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