When Teddy met Tisha

Leave it to my idol Teddy Casino to provide some much-needed entertainment on Twitter whenever boredom strikes.

On a recent exchange of insults with  a “troll”—the term of endearment of the opposition and its allies to any living person who does not toe their narrative—named @TishaCM on Twitter, the controversial communist seemingly got “burned” (another popular yellowtard-commie woke trademark) when the topic took the unexpected turn towards hypocrisy and opportunism regarding the Pinoy commie movement (I don’t know about the rest of you but those things almost always become the cornerstone of a Casino exchange).

Casino was apparently stung when his attempt at cuteness was demolished by a very simple and straightforward reply:

Here’s Teddy not about to let that one upmanship go unanswered:

And here’s @TishaCM’s final reply, with an #engot hashtag in response to his #stupid:

And that, as they say, is that.

Props to Teddy and the gang for the fighting spirit despite being unmasked as snake oil salesmen decades ago. It takes a special kind of toughness in the face department to keep going with that scam.

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