Hatred dumbs. Hatred stalls progress. Hatred blinds. Hatred kills. When Duterte won the presidency, machinations started in trying to deposed him. And those were not clandestine operations but open campaigns against a duly elected president. Every bad joke, any misogynist remark, any fentanyl laced rumor, any allegation of wrongdoing were […]

Concerns about the country and environment without any bias or patronage of any person & party. Concern is solely on what is right as acceptable to universal rule that benefits people and environment without any inclination towards fanaticism.  Enjoying honest shared benefits with those entitled without compromise or prejudice based […]

Ang bansang ito ay HINDI NAKIKINABANG sa oposisyon. Para pakinabangan ng bansa ang oposisyon, sana kumilos sila para ipakita sa bayan na yung sa kanila ang tama. Pero HINDI SILA KUMIKILOS para sa bayan. Nakatambay lang sila. Naghihintay kumilos ang admin tapos sisiraan ito, pupulaan, hahanapan ng butas. Walang silbi […]

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“Our natural ingenuity got stuck with the jeepney! We are mired in the ‘God will provide’ mentality. Five hundred years of praying has not given us a Thomas Edison, a Steve Jobs or even a Lee Kuan Yew…” (Full Inquirer.net article) benign0Webmaster of Get Real Philippines getrealpundit.com