Filipinos are not obliged to support local media

I might be jumping the gun, but there might be people who will make that emotional appeal or moral blackmail that if you don’t support ABS-CBN or even any of our local entertainment, you are a traitor.

Because you are Filipino, it is your duty should watch and praise Filipino-made shows. Patriotism, they say.


Shows and movies are products. They are not national treasures. Never should there be a law requiring people to watch this stuff. That is thought policing and dictatorship.

Even “Buy Filipino” was more of an appeal, not a mandate, for Filipinos to buy local products.

Besides, I don’t like being obliged.

I choose not to watch local TV or movies. That goes for GMA (from which the article pic was taken), TV5 and other local stations too. I don’t like most local content. I believe director Joey Reyes mentioned some faults of Filipino programming in his comment on the popularity of Korean dramas. But for me, it’s always about poor versus rich, the rich are evil, revenge is worth it, hand-outs should be done for poverty, somewhere a pauper is a secret prince, going around the law is better, etc.

Benign0 quoted Isagani Cruz who explained why our local content was trash. Go read it.

I don’t watch American TV so much either, with things like superhero shows getting more woke by the minute.

People saying the “you are obliged to watch local shows” thing are sipsip. Or, more likely, shills. Paid to do so too.

If ABS-CBN comes back on the air, I hope they consider revising their content and values portrayed (Yeah, I know, like they would). If they don’t, I’ll still be around to keep hammering at them.

Meanwhile, back to seeing what other pleasant surprises Toei Tokusatsu may bring.

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