Wokes and Oldies similar in Statue Destruction Idiocy

statue vandalism in the US

I have the impression wokes and the “oldies” are mostly the same. The wokes tend to complain about some oldies as being dictators and micromanagers of other people, or even right-wing and “status-quo” supporters. But young wokes are no different. Someone buys a snack for themselves in the house. His mom may tell him, “you…

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“Woke” ululations about mass testing nothing but empty noise

No amount of testing will change the reality that the only way out of the sticky situation the world—or the Philippines for that matter—has found itself to be stuck in is through a cure or a vaccine. So it’s confounding that a large sector of society’s wokes have been caterwauling to kingdom come about “mass testing” for…

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#MASSPROMOTION for equality? Sus, tamad ka lang

I’ll start this with a disclaimer that I will write this piece in Taglish, the coño (cunt in Spanish, teehee) language. This is so that I can reach the “wokes” and pa-“wokes,” at mahina ang kanilang comprehension if I make sulat this in straight English. And mga “wokes,” bago kayo ma-trigger, isasampal ko lang tong…

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