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    In 2016, 60% didn’t vote for Duterte but 77% didn’t vote for Mar Roxas!

    Oh. You want numbers.  Duterte 39.01% 60.99% did not vote PRRD. Roxas 23.45%  76.55% did not vote Roxas Poe 21.39% 78.61% did not vote Poe....

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    “Media freedom” is a stupid concept!

    “First of all, we must dispense with the twisted idea of ‘media freedom,’ at least in the terms by which it is defined by those...

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    Walang Silbing Oposisyon

    Ang bansang ito ay HINDI NAKIKINABANG sa oposisyon. Para pakinabangan ng bansa ang oposisyon, sana kumilos sila para ipakita sa bayan na yung sa kanila...

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    Proposed amendment to Republic Act # 9344 lowering criminal liability age will not result in child imprisonment

    “Under the proposed law, children aged nine to 18 who commit serious crimes like murder, homicide, rape and violations of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act...

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    “God will provide” mentality has DOOMED Filipinos!

    “Our natural ingenuity got stuck with the jeepney! We are mired in the ‘God will provide’ mentality. Five hundred years of praying has not given...

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    Duterte enjoys HUGE approval rating boost further dooming the Yellowtards!

    “Duterte’s popularity is rising across all constituencies. In Metro Manila, the national capital, his approval rating was up a whopping 22% year on year, 21%...

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