The common stereotypes about Filipinos in foreign countries that I personally know of are: In U.S. and UK if you are a Filipino you must be a Nurse, In China and Middle – East you are a Domestic Helper, but in Japan, if you are a Filipino, you must be […]


These thieving shysters can rename, rebrand, and resell themselves any way their selfish, self serving hearts desire. They were, and shall always remain, Yellow Dye #5 through and through. #NoToTeamPilipinas #NoToLP #NoToAquino BabyBinky


Christ in heaven! While her condition may warrant concern. Her need to be worshiped, adored and pitied goes beyond obsessive. When one feels the need to constantly bombard SocMed and other outlets with images of themselves in some hospital bed overseas (I’d have settled for St. Lukes), it becomes quite […]

Poor Jover Laurio. She is discovering now that her “friends” are all fair-weathered. Ha ha! More importantly, it’s now obvious that all they really have are just memes. They don’t do the word “hanash” justice with their “kuda”.  Tama ba ang word usage ko mga beshie? 🤣 MirandaFairI ask a […]