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    benign0 January 8, 2019

    They must have severely miscalculated and thought that using a jolog to engage the masses will work. That's ok if they had a truly diversified portfolio of bloggers who could do both chi chi and bugok across a spectrum of…

    benign0 January 6, 2019

    "from left...spammy chicharon, o-kaye, legally k, gideon pena, mamaw, miss maggie, jego aka alt now u know who your real enemies are....they may be few but they multiply in accounts" According to this Twitter user.

    benign0 January 4, 2019

    They're all suffering from stunned shooktness... 😀

    benign0 January 3, 2019

    Indeed, cult behaviour is a common trait there and is specially an issue in cultures where conformity is held to high regard.

    benign0 January 2, 2019

    Boost this post on FB! Lol! 😀

    benign0 December 31, 2018

    @MirandaFair, thanks. Too much dependence on Facebook is actually a risk - something that many news organisations found out the hard way over the last several years.

    benign0 December 30, 2018

    Thanks for asking! I'm definitely not paid. As to my motivations, well, I think it's no different to any other GRP writer. We've all just got something to say and we are all fortunate to have a platform to express…

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