Mrs. Robredo, this statement is reckless, careless, and irresponsible. Do you know the implications of what you are saying? Are you saying that our overseas contract workers (OFW) are also stealing the jobs of the citizens of the countries where they are now working? Are you aware that you have […]

I am not a man of prayers and faith but I hope the new hostilities in India-Pakistan de-escalates soon, I also hope that no foreign intervention happens or else this can be a start to third world war https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2019/02/pakistan-shoots-indian-fighter-jets-military-190227055937142.html   blitzkrieg bopof mixed race, spending time living in both countries […]

33 years ago a nation celebrated their victory in toppling a dictator, vivified by the mainstream media the Filipino people danced, jumped, and sang but forgot to think about what’s gonna happen after. Sometimes I ask myself did the nation really win? Did “The People” really gain power? I know […]

This crazy broad is talking out of her backside. Contract labor became the norm after Cory took over in 86, and has remained ever since. Like Cory and the other Liberal minded shysters, she knows Damn well contract labor is a major form of controlling the masses. Have them fear […]

So the campaign has finally begun! Once again Filipinos are given the chance to elect people who would define the country’s future, I think the result of this election will show not just the Filipinos but the whole world on how genuine the Duterte Effect is, this is also an […]

It looks like ultra-nationalist Filipinos have once again come out of their caves and started xenophobic attacks in social media due to the latest incident of a Chinese national throwing TAHO to a police officer.  Do you know what makes it more interesting? The timing is perfect for it to […]


I need another long day-off, I’m itching to write satires and bash some liberal eejits   oh boy goodnight blitzkrieg bopof mixed race, spending time living in both countries gives me a very good perspective on both.

“The law has been deliberately Weaponized against me.” ~ Maria Ressa, Rappler CEO. The above is a perfect example of the arrogant stupidity which plagues this crazy broads mental processes. Now! Correct me if I’m wrong on this one? But isn’t Congress the group which crafts the nations laws? I […]

“First of all, we must dispense with the twisted idea of ‘media freedom,’ at least in the terms by which it is defined by those who now cry that it is under threat. Freedom of speech or expression is considered a near-sacred right in most democratic societies, including this one. […]