I’ve been roaming around social media and I stumbled upon some opinions about the characteristics of the electorate. Primarily I wanted to just laugh on how bitter these “concerned citizens” are but in the end, I came to realize how contagious and disastrous these people can be in the nation-building […]

It’s almost a decade now since I left the country, I had many reasons but one of the most important is how dysfunctional our countrymen is when they choose their leaders. “One man’s leader can be another man’s despot” I quoted this from one of the veteran writers of GRP […]

A few days ago before we started our much awaited 10 day holiday also known as “Golden Week” our union in the company had a small meeting, we talked about how we have reached our targets, some areas where we need to improve, etc. After the meeting we all stood […]

June 15, 1991, Mt. Pinatubo eruption one of the terrifying memories of the people of my hometown. Ashfall, darkness, and grief this was some of the vivid memories I had when Mt. Pinatubo erupted food was being rationed, it was dark for days, my grandmother and her sisters kept praying […]

“Press Freedom! Press Freedom!” Ang sigaw nang mamamahayag na si Maria Ressa nang nakita niya ang mga pulis na aaresto sa kanya pagkabalik galing sa Amerika, bigla umano itong naglabas ang lubid at sumigaw na “We will hold the line” sa mukha mismo nang pulis na aaresto sa kanya hindi […]

How does romantic partners, married couples, and “friends with benefits” express their intimacy these days?  I’ve read the news about Jim Paredes’ sex scandal and I was really surprised that at his age he would do such a thing ( may padila-dila pa ) I have to be honest though, […]

令(REI) – coming from the word 命令 MEIREI which means order  and  和(WA) – from the word  平和 HEIWA which means peace together Japanese experts and scholars formed the word 令和(REIWA) which can be translated to peace through order or orderly peace. The future Emperor Naruhito`s reign will be called […]

Whale meat sold like canned tuna, corporal punishment completely legal, no consumption tax, and smoking! Yes! inside trains, inside faculty rooms for schools, etc. some of the memorable things Japan had during the Showa Era 昭和時代 ( enlightened peace era ), this was 1926 until 1989 a period where most […]