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    This thrash has been in the country even before Duterte, I think the opposition and the critiques are just desperate to throw almost anything, I bet the next headline would be the issue about the comfort women because of his…

    Thanks! something that I will ponder on peace!

    Exactly! I have met several people here in Japan who are against Abe's rule, the American bases in Okinawa, and I seldom rub elbows with what western media would call "far-right" people most of them are elderly quite the gap…

    Thank You very much! Peace! :)

    sure ka ha :) if you drop by here drinks and meals are on me! Also I'd like to raise the issue about the pictures because they get cropped? Would it be possible to increase the quality similar to the…

    blitzkrieg bop February 28, 2019

    She really needs to THINK before she speaks, very embarassing to have her as our VP.


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