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    I put this comment up under the article about Filipinos getting tired of the CPP-NPA. Of course, it's only part of the story and could be supplemented by other opinions. "That idea that opposing a despot…

    "God will provide" is the same old manifestation of the same old thing: desire to live without work, "mabuhay na di na nag-iisip," "puro sarap nalang," and everything is pleasure. I'll disagree with De Leon that it's religion's fault, it's…

    To me, even the names seem cloned, I find them hard to distinguish. Kim-Yun-Byue, Kim-Hyu-sung, Kim-La-Hat, and so on. Japanese is indeed easier to make out, with names like Yukio, Hanagase, Kaguro, Nakakasawanato and such. Well, maybe because I watch…

    Finally exposed. How joyous. Looks like she's the latest to be thrown under the bus by the vested interests.

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